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    Agency specialist hostesses for events and promotions from 1988.

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Staffing agency for Conferences and Events Barcelona and Madrid

As agency staff and hostesses for conferences and events in Barcelona and Madrid, we strive to understand the needs of our customers and our staff. Experience, dedication, effort, and closeness are the values that best define us.

Congresses and Conventions

We know how important your business is that the events come out perfect.

Fairs and Presentations

The Fairs in general have become meeting points are essential for any business and industry.

Transfers and Tranfers

The reception and the farewell of the participants in your event are two decisive moments.

Corporate events

We have a great experience in the implementation, preparation, and coordination of corporate events.

Our values as a

Seal of identity in Barcelona and Madrid


Team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.


Uniqueness and excellence in all the services that we offer.


Positive engagement with our customers, staff and environment.


Satisfaction and success in the projects carried out for our clients since 1988.

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Your goals are our goals. In AB Group of Hostesses we offer you our extensive experience in the management, organisation and implementation of events, conferences, product launches... in Barcelona and Madrid.


You need staff for your events, AB Group of Hostesses is your best choice. What are we talking about?

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    Agency azafatas Barcelona and Madrid

    Barcelona and Madrid are an international benchmark at the highest level in the organization of cultural events and activities, sports and professionals. The services of our Hostesses Agency in Barcelona and Madrid, with coverage at the national level, respond to the criterion of demand. Quality, diversity and experience are the hallmarks of all our staff. And, of course, the most accurate picture, because we know how important it is to our customers.

    Our extensive experience as Hostesses Agency of Barcelona and Madrid enables us to select the most qualified according to the characteristics of each event. Because it is not the same thing attend the stand of a fair deal with the registration of the attendees of a conference. That is why, we always work in tune with the specific needs of each client.

    For us it is essential to maintain a direct communication and fluid from the first contact. Our goal is to get every project in which we engage is a great satisfaction for a job well done to our staff and a success for our client.


    The priorities of an Agency of Hostesses Barcelona and Madrid

    Before you incorporate to the hostess, to our team, we make sure it meets certain prerequisites to be able to work a stewardess; good education, languages, And above all, is important to us that you are eager to work. Regardless of the specific needs that implies each service, all correspond to a maximum professionalism and expertise. Excellent communication skills, an exquisite and the domain of the choicest standards of education are essential attributes to being a part of our Hostesses Agency in Barcelona and Madrid.

    Knowing how to be in each circumstance begins by at all times maintain an impeccable image, taking care of even the smallest detail of the dress and behavior of our hostesses. A good presence which is accompanied by kindness and outgoing personality, because the contact and attention to the public are an essential part of your work.


    What makes it special to our Hostesses Agency Barcelona and Madrid

    For our agency, it is vital to be specifically tailored to the demands of each client. Hence, we have a staff of hostesses that encompasses profiles more diverse.

    Each one has been selected after a thorough process in which we contrasted all of your qualifications and experience. Few data that are used to make a classification skills and profiles. So, immediately we find the staff to be more appropriate for attending a specific event: a conference, a fair, an official act that requires a knowledge scrupulous of the rules of protocol... We provide the service hostesses who are looking for!

    But, our Hostesses Agency adds a plus of qualification. We are aware of the importance of languages in a globalised world such as the current one. And, much more, in a city such as Barcelona and Madrid, with a tourist activity of congresses and international events ongoing throughout the year. Our workforce is made up of staff that he is fluent in different languages. So we can ensure that all the attendees of your event will feel cared for in a personalized way.

    Do not hesitate, if you are looking for an Agency of Hostesses in Barcelona and Madrid with national coverage, solvent and decisive, tailored to your needs, in AB Group of air Hostesses you have the answer. A personal rigorously selected, just thinking about your priorities. We involve ourselves in every one of our projects!