AB Group in Barcelona and Madrid

Our history

More than three decades side by side with our customers in Barcelona and Madrid.

The idea emerged as a result of the designation of Barcelona as a City of the olympics, the approach was introduced in a sector that is considered attractive, and in which each one of the founding partners had extensive knowledge in any of their areas.

32 years of dedication, professionalism, experience and commitment guarantees our success and position us at the national level as a solid company that continues to struggle day to day to find out how to improve our services and meet the needs of our customers.

As a member of Barcelona Convention Bureau we have a wide experience in all type of events, we have staff of full trust, formed in our agency and with an extensive knowledge of languages.




Our team of professionals understand your needs along with the particular characteristics of the event.




We get that our customers believe in the AB Group, we understand and work together with them in everything you need to make each event a success.




We are creators of experiences as unique and special character. We face challenges with experience and imagination.

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