Hostesses transfers in Barcelona and Madrid

The reception and the farewell of the participants in your event are two crucial moments that marked the final assessment of the meeting. With the service of our staff transfers you're guaranteed the satisfaction of their expectations. Just select the profiles that are more qualified for each customer!

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Hostesses transfers in Barcelona and Madrid

The hostesses of transfers for guiding groups of visitors in all their movements, from the moment that they land at an airport until the time of return to their places of origin. A service that, in our hostesses agency, played by professionals with experience and specific training. The punctuality and a deep knowledge of the city are two skills that characterize them and make a difference in the quality of undoubted.

Conferences and celebrations

Hostesses professionals in Barcelona and Madrid

Our professionals are fully qualified to support your team events. It is primarily concerned to welcome attendees at airports and train stations. Arrival of participants, helps with any issue they may have with their luggage, transportation and escort to the place of the conference or event.

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Our hostesses transfers provide a deal close, which anticipates your needs and provides them with mobility. We make sure that they are easily identifiable at all times, preventing problems of confusion at the time of boarding the transport you're ready for them or join the group to which they belong.

AB Group is not only an agency of hostesses of transfers in Barcelona and Madrid, we are a point of reference. Discover the advantages of working with us!

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    Any event that is held flock participants who are not native to the population where it is organized. In these circumstances, it is always advisable to have the services of an agency with hostesses transfers. Because for a start, because it prevents that the guests can get lost in the crowds own airports or train stations. In addition, ensure that all planned activities are fulfilled according to the timetable planned by the organization.

    The Hostesses of transfers are not only hired by organizers of trade fairs, congresses or conventions. It is also essential to the role they play in the tour operators. Or when a company organizes a trip between their employees as an incentive. On these occasions, the hostess is concerned with the control and participation in leisure activities, which requires a special gift for people, ability to adapt to different environments and a lot of naturalness.

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    In the AB Group, we believe it is essential that each of our hostesses transfers in Barcelona and Madrid to become the benchmark of information for people or groups that accompanies it. Because a hosting user-friendly is the best contact for an outsider. Convey confidence and making the best face of our city is something that our hostesses do it naturally.

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