Coordinator, Hostess; a key part in the organization of Events and Conferences

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In the organization of congresses and events, the figure of the coordinator hostess it is essential for the good functioning and the overall satisfaction of the participants. In AB Group, a company with over three decades of experience in the planning of national and international events, this role has been shown to be fundamental in the creation of successful experiences for customers.

This is due to who has the responsibility to ensure that the team of hostesses are well prepared and organized to perform a variety of tasks ranging from the reception and registration of participants to support in different areas of the congress.

What are the main tasks of a coordinator hostess?

An important part of the work of the coordinator of hostesses is the selection of the right people for the team, seeking not only interpersonal skills and professionalism, but also with the ability to work in a dynamic environment and multilingual. Also, during the event, the coordinator oversees the daily activities of the staff hostess. This involves assign specific tasks, manage schedules and make sure that each member of the team is in the right place at the right time.

In this scenario, your ability to organize and respond effectively to unexpected situations is crucial for the good development of the event. At the same time, it is essential to your ability to communicate clearly and lead effectively to maintain a work environment that is efficient, since it should act as a bridge between the management of the event and the team of hostesses.

To ensure the success of an event, from the hand of the coordinator of hostesses of AB Group

Based on the direct impact of the work of the coordinator of stewardesses in the overall experience of the event, hire a professional to ensure that attendees receive quality care and that their needs are met with a warm and courteous, it is essential to convey a positive image of the meeting. In this regard, the agency AB Group has a history of over 3 decades in the making, preparation, and coordination of staff at all types of events. To this end, makes available to the service people with skills outstanding work in a team and leadership skills.

In this way, those who hire a coordinator of hostesses of this firm will be able to have a responsible professional, with a proactive basis and resolution to any unexpected and with a high level of empathy with the staff they lead.

In conclusion, with the support of more than 500 events successfully and more than 350 satisfied customers, the AB Group is one of the best alternatives to the recruitment of a coordinator of hostesses.

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