Event coordinators in Barcelona and Madrid

In the AB Group, we are aware that the work of an event coordinator is vital for any act out as planned. Our professional events are, therefore, one of the keys to ensure that your event is a success.

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Coordinators and freelancers in Barcelona and Madrid

We have a great experience in the implementation, preparation and coordination of staff at all types of events.

The coordinators that we have skills outstanding team work and leadership skills. All this without neglecting the empathy with the staff who run. At the same time, will always show a great responsibility in the performance of their work.

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Event coordinators in Barcelona and Madrid

In addition to the supervision of the staff, the coordinators will operate as links to the management the need of the staff of the event. Also have them as links with the personal customers of your company attend to the same. In addition, will mediate when necessary before any problem.

The event coordinators are in charge of directing and overseeing the work of all the staff working in the implementation of an event, from its mounting and dismounting. They will play their role with the utmost professionalism and, at the same time, so warm and close with the staff. This way they will feel supported in their work and will increase your confidence and good to do.

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The need to fill a position for a few hours or a few days at an event makes the hiring of freelancers is basic to have all the necessary personnel to coordinate your event with success.

AB Group is not an agency coordinators of events in Barcelona and Madrid, we are a point of reference. Discover the advantages of working with us!

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    The coordinators of Ab Group are great professionals involved in their work. Stand out for your character proactive and resolute when unforeseen circumstances arise. In addition, they have mastery of multiple languages, which will facilitate the care of international customers.

    Our staff for the coordination of events have a wide experience in any type of events. Therefore, have all the data and resources to facilitate the work of staff and to ensure that everything is ready at the right time.

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    If you need a coordinator or a freelancer for your event in Barcelona and Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of independent professionals with experts trained in various disciplines, who will ensure that your event is a success.

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