Staff for events in Barcelona and Madrid

We know how important it is for your company to the events come out perfect. Our agency is in charge of providing all of the staff that you need for mounting, holding, and disassembly.

Assembly and disassembly

Staff for events in Barcelona and Madrid

We will provide you with the recruitment of all staff who need to hone the event. From his first steps, when the work of the operators of mount is essential for all installations where the event will occur are prepared, to the personal that will help during the development of the event, hostesses, waiters, musical groups, the audiovisual.
We have staff expert in each area, all of you know perfectly their features and how to develop with total professionalism and diligence.

Support events

Support staff in Barcelona and Madrid

In addition to qualified personnel for the assembly and disassembly of the event, our agency is also responsible to facilitate the recruitment of all staff required for the event out as planned. Between them, there is all the necessary staff for the attention of the attendees. Among them, hostesses point of information, auxiliary information, auxiliary telephone and address, waiters, barmen, hostess promoter, etc

In addition, we also have specialized staff in the implementation of transfers between the event and to the airports or bus stations and train stations. The perfect complement to your event with attendees from other places who come to him to receive a plus care and kindness.

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Our hostesses transfers provide a deal close, which anticipates your needs and provides them with mobility. We have staff expert in each area, all of you know perfectly their features and how to develop with total professionalism and diligence.

AB Group is not just a staffing agency event in Barcelona and Madrid, we are a point of reference. Discover the advantages of working with us!

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    Support events

    Personal safety in Barcelona and Madrid

    One of the delicate points of any event is the security. Therefore, it is necessary to have personnel security specialist to ensure both a control of access to the event safe and correct as that the event runs smoothly.

    Our agency is staffed with security expert access control. Shall prevent any person without accreditation may be accessed without authorization of the same. Also with staff that perform surveillance work while celebrating the event.

    The safety personnel that form part of our team account-specific training to perform tasks of surveillance and control. Always play their roles with exquisite correction and kindness, so that the event runs smoothly and all of your attendees feel comfortable and secure.

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    Our staff is expert in all type of events, and bring his good to do for your event is a success, and that your guests will feel comfortable and in a nice environment at all times.

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