Team of hostesses professional to cover conferences and events in Madrid by the hand of AB Group

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When organizing an event, it is essential to have trained staff. In this sense, the hostess/os are fundamental for a good brand image as to offer assistance to guests and attendees. These professionals can take care of multiple tasks: log attendees, delivery of documentation, care, room, entrance control, transfers...

With respect to this, the company AB Group has over three decades of experience in the conduct of events in Madrid. This includes conferences, conventions, fairs, and multiple corporate meetings.

This company stands out for having a team of trained professional in this same agency that offers an advanced mastery of different languages.

AB Group offers professional solutions for events in Madrid

AB Group has the hostesses that have been selected after matching their experience and training. This staff provides a neat image, utmost professionalism and treatment to the public on the first level. In addition, this company has staff fluent in different languages to cater to the different needs of their customers

In particular, this team of event staff has vast experience in conferences and conventions. Therefore, you can perform functions such as registering attendees and speakers, control and supervision of a room, you pass of the micros, delivery of materials, management of wardrobe and help on points of information.

Also in events organized by foreign companies, or events in different cities to the headquarters usual of the organisation, our support staff often provide support services for administrative tasks, business and organizational prior to the start of the event.

With the support of this staff, it is possible to enhance the brand image of a company and offer a deal close to all the guests. In addition, these professionals carry out different protocol rules that add elegance to an event. On the other hand, when you have experience, these hostess know how to act in case of complications or unforeseen problems.

The importance of the coordinators of hostesses

To provide successful experiences to their customers, the equipment AB Group are led by a coordinator hostess. This role has the responsibility of choosing the appropriate personnel considering the particularities of each event. In addition, during the conduct of the activity oversees and directs the team. This includes assigning tasks, manage schedules and ensure that each member of the group is in the right place at the right time.

On the other hand, the coordinator serves as a bridge of communication between the organizers of the event and the hostesses. To fulfil this function, it is necessary to have skills to work in a team and leadership skills.

With the support of AB Group it is possible to employ trained staff for the realization of events in Madrid. These hostesses guarantee a quality service and elevate the image of a brand in front of your audience.

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